A List of Ongoing Alt_Shift PhD projects

Ongoing PhDs

Ertas, H. Pak, B. (sup.), Newton, C. (co-sup) A Knowledge Commons for Understanding Commons Architecture

Gun, A. Demir, Y. (sup) Pak, B. (co-sup.) (2019). An ICT-Based Participatory Design Model For The Urban Renewal Areas In Turkey. (Istanbul Technical University) Defense Date: 01/10/2019 Open Access

Daher, E. Pak, B. (sup.) Kubicki, S (co-sup) Participatory methods and toolsets for data-driven optimization of early-design solutions in parametric modeling systems

Boeri, A. Pak, B. (sup.) Schoonjans, Y. (co-sup) Social Productive Infrastructures

Claus, C. Pak, B. (sup.) Cusack, P. (co-sup) The Vibrational Nexus of a Brussels Railfield in Transition

de Smet, A. Pak, B. (sup.) Schoonjans, Y. (co-sup), Increasing urban resilience through solidary appropriation of urban Waiting Spaces in Brussels

Romero, R. Pak, B. (sup.), Pferdmenges, P. (co-sup) Networked Spatial Practices

Sadiq, A. Scheerlinck, K (sup) Pak, B. (cosup.). Addressing the seen and the unseen in the design process of transforming collective spaces in urban contexts.

Michielsen, D. Vande Moere A. (sup) Pak, B. (cosup.) A The Civic Potential of Urban Storytelling through Interactive Public Displays.

Ongoing PhD Co-supervision at Istanbul TU, Faculty of Architecture

Argin, G. Turkoglu, H. (sup) Pak, B. (cosup.) Post-flânerie: How do mobile devices shape the experience of the city? (Istanbul Technical University) Defense date: June 2020.